Denise has been my son’s Speech Therapist for over a year. She is very knowledgeable in her field and uses a variety of resources in order to give my son the best possible support in his speech development. She has always been extremely accommodating in meeting my scheduling needs. Most importantly, she caters to his individual needs and strives to develop a plan best suited for his learning style and ability.

Sarah, mother of T.S.

We first encountered Denise Bayles, MA CCC-SLP, a private consultant, while my wife was a stroke patient in residence for sub acute treatment. Several weeks later after completing the eight week program followed by four additional weeks in home treatment, we could not forget by comparison, the rare expertise of Denise Bayles.

Fortunately we had retained her business card and immediately engaged her services which at this juncture have been ongoing for several months. Consequently, I am interested in relating a wonderful experience.

First of all, her presence brought sunshine to my wife who looked forward to each session. Such a trait could only serve to motivate the patient resulting in a rapport beyond expectation. The outcome was conspicuously evident. As a result, my wife’s learning was excellent as Denise’s warm, outreaching and outgoing personality displayed her unusual talents to the patient.

It is obvious that her personal attributes are a perfect fit to her calling. She openly represents integrity, perceptivity, and awareness to mention a few, which makes her a delightful therapist.

In closing, I would like to register that after witnessing speech therapists in play at acute and sub acute facilities, my subsequent experience with Ms. Bayles has been refreshing and rewarding in a vista most valuable and rare.

It is my extreme pleasure to submit these thoughts regarding an inimitable experience with a gracious and angelic individual.

Stanley L. Robinson, PhD, PE

Denise evaluated our child with Down Syndrome at 2 months old.  We were so fortunate that she recommended her for speech right away so, we could begin working on low tone.  Our daughter is now 4 years old and we have brought our daughter back to Denise because she is a  knowledgeable speech professional, but more importantly she is professional with compassion.

Joy, Mom of SL